What’s New for 2003

GASB 34 Reporting

We’ve added three new GASB 34 reports. Theses are new combined debt service reports that show debt service on an accrual basis (Stand-Alone Reporting & Allocations Modules) and an excess indebtedness amortization report (Refunding Module). 

New Defeasance Date Reporting –

Mun-Ease provides several new report options whenever you request an individual or combined debt service schedule. These options are helpful when one or more maturities in a bond issue have been called. You can generate a debt service schedule through the call date, defeasance date, maturity date (ignoring any calls), or up to (but not including) the defeasance date.

New Statistical Functions (Normal Curves and Chi-Square Distributions) –

Automatically create construction draw schedules based on these functions. Also use our statistical capabilities to estimate the probability of future changes to interest rates. Simulate various scenarios based on different standard deviations, skew factors, and/or time horizons (Sizing & Refunding Modules).

New Sizing & Refunding Presentation Reports -

We’ve added new sizing and refunding reports to be used for presentation purposes. These reports are useful in marketing situations or when you are making presentations to high-level executives. 

New Interfaces

We now allow you to import rebate transactions and bond issues that are in an Excel spreadsheet.

Multiple Draw Schedules

Include up to 30 separate draw schedules when you size a bond issue. Each draw schedule can have its own construction yield and can be either gross or net funded.

New Continuing Disclosure/Document Management Features –

Place bond documents (official statements, bond transcripts, authorizations, financial statements, etc.) on your Mun-Ease database and link these documents to your bond issues (Base & Internet Add-On Modules).

New/Revised Tax Forms & Arbitrage Regulations

We now generate completed 8038R tax forms (for rebate refunds). We’ve revised all of the 8038 tax forms to reflect the most recent changes made in 2002. The help file containing the arbitrage regulations has been updated to include recent changes/additions to the regulations, technical/field service advice memoranda, letter rulings, revenue procedures, and court decisions.

Other Refunding & Sizing Enhancements

We’ve integrated the arbitrage tests for yield-to-call bonds and deep-discount term bonds with the calculations in the Refunding and Sizing Modules. Input screens for both modules have been redesigned for greater flexibility of input.

New Variable Rate Bond Features

Mun- Ease now maintains periodic resets (usually weekly) that are used to calculate interest on a variable rate bond. Mun-Ease will also calculate the interest payment based on the calculation options that you have chosen (Base Module). 

Other Arbitrage Enhancements - Yield Reduction Payment Report & Fast Navigation Features-

We’ve added a new yield reduction payment report that allows you to determine whether a bond issue is in violation of the temporary-period yield- restriction rules. We’ve added fast navigation features that allow you to move between functions within the arbitrage module without returning to the main menu.

Enhanced Internet Reporting –

Our Internet Add-On Module now includes many new reports and capabilities to help with continuing disclosure. Among the new reports are combined debt service, combined indebtedness, allocated debt service schedules, and a summary of a bond statistics. Issuers can place disclosure documents on the Mun-Ease web database and link those documents to individual bonds. We also have a "search-by- cusip" function.

New Mail-Merge Features

Create form letters within Mun-Ease and insert tags that allow you to paste the results of your calculations into your form letters (Base, Sizing, Refunding, and Arbitrage Modules).

Analysis of Swap Transactions -

We now include features to assess the cost-effectiveness of fixed-to-variable or variable-to-fixed swap transactions (Refunding Module)..


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