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New Tutorials

We provide video tutorials with our 2018 release. Here are a few examples of our tutorials:

Introduction to Mun-Ease

Reading an Official Statement,

Entering a fixed rate bond issue from an official statement into Mun-Ease,

Calculating the true interest cost (TIC) of a bond issue

Calculating the Arbitrage Yield Limit

Introduction to Refundings



Mun-Ease Classes

Mun-Ease classes are comprehensive in nature; covering all aspects of debt management in the public sector. They are challenging, hands-on, and use real-life examples. The classes are conducted by having the student solve real-life problems using Mun-Ease on a computer provided by us. Our classes are 2 1/2 days in length and limited to 12 students to ensure a productive learning experience. Our classes usually conducted using the SQL Server version of Mun-Ease.

Click on the Class Outline link in the upper left-hand corner of this page to view additional information about our classes including a syllabus.


A Note to Our Customers

For the past ten years, we have been holding Mun-Ease classes across the country. Our goal has been to hold three classes each year: one on the East coast, one in the Midwest, and one on the West coast.

We've decided that instead of holding classes at an independent training facility, we will work with our customers to hold classes at their facilities. We will then notify other customers in the general vicinity of the class. If others attend, we will charge them a nominal fee to help defray the costs associated with holding the class. Contact us if you are interested in holding a class at your facility.


Are you interested in holding a class at your site or would you like to be notified of upcoming Mun-Ease classes?

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