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About Prescient Software....

Prescient Software, JRD Inc. (and its predecessor company Prescient Software) have been in business since 1988. Our primary product is Mun-Ease, the Municipal Bond Manager .

Easy & Flexible Transition to SQL Server

We provide a conversion program that allows you to move data back and forth between the SQL Server and the EDB (ElevateDb) databases. Thus, the decision of which database to use is not all that critical. If you decide to switch to a different database at a later point in time, you install the new version of Mun-Ease and then run the database conversion utlity. This process takes only a few minutes.

You can also run the SQL Server version of Mun-Ease concurrently or independently with the EDB version of Mun-Ease. Because the EDB version of Mun-Ease requires considerably less resources than the SQL Server version, you might decide to run the EDB version on your laptop when you are away from your office.

About the Development of Mun-Ease

John Dillavou (the founder and President of Prescient) is the chief architect of Mun-Ease. He also coordinated the work of others who have contributed to Mun-Ease.

Many people have helped develop Mun-Ease over the years. Jason Van Norman did much of the original programming on our SQL Server version and our Internet Add-On Module. He created the functions that allow loan pool issuers to e-mail invoices to borrowers. Finally, he created the tax forms used for Build America Bonds. Ted Blue of Blue Star Learning helped in a consulting capacity with the Internet module and our SQL Server version. Christina Kober and Cheri Laney Stetson did the graphic design for our brochures and documentation.

Dinh Nguyen configured our in-house servers and routers that are used to host part of our web site. David Liles developed much of the documentation and online help.

Prescient Software is located on the Pacific coast in Laguna Niguel (about half way between L.A. and San Diego).



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